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Latest Update: Last week DADS 93rd BIRTHDAY! by Ruby (more updates)

First off, I had the grand boys and their little friend Kaia stay a couple of nites with Erin and Casey which was lovely and exhausting!!!

Then I drove south to Kawhia to help celebrate dads93rd birthday........ part of the harbour... it was such a lovely visit, we spent a lot of time reminiscing, and then Dads friend arrived for a drink.... numerous phone calls from his extended family... ( some we did not remember ) and heaps of food! I could have stayed a week and never made a dent in it....


I have to catch mum unawares for a pic so she will relax.... so here they are in the garden once more... dad making holes for the spuds... and watering them in.


So Aunt Beryl took this pic of me coming back up off the beach..... and here are three of the cats to fill the gap.