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05 Jun, 2007 - Queens Birthday Ride by Emil
Here we are once again  taking time out and hitting the road again  This weekend usually sees us planning a trip further a field  than this  but as  all of us have been tied to work commitments for longer periods than usual   we seem to not have found the time.

The last trip we did together was a 3 day stint down to Coromandal back in the month of February which was fun  staying  with friends in their holiday home just off the beach
The break away was very much  appreciated  the  company entertaining  and we  all  had the fortune to taste those  succulent  Whitianga  scallops

The Queens Birthday ride although broken into three sections made it a more leisurely  one

First of all the two of us Brenda and Emil set off on Saturday before lunch-time to journey up through Dargaville and onto Kai Iwi Lakes where Noel and Ruby reside in this delightful setting. They own and run this  4 star lodge called   WAI HOU OMA  Lodge

The large crystal clear lake is just a short walk from their lodges and used for such sports as water skiing sailing and trout fishing and of coarse swimming also you are not far away from some of northlands famous native bush reserves including  Tane mahuta  the Gaint Kauri

It may seem to be a out of the way place  well  off the beaten track so to speak – but worth a drive of around three hours from Auckland  but I believe that only adds to the uniqueness of the area

If you are looking for a peaceful  relaxing  and  quiet weekend then this the place to be !!  They have it all: Spa -  Ski boat - toys to play with and even a theatre to watch those dvds that  you have never had the time to see.  Besides all off this Ruby is a fantastic cook and we have  been treated to some really superb  scrumptious meals followed by great  conservation and a few bottles of wine, if you decide to stay for a weekend  you will not regret your decision!

The weather over the weekend was reported to be showers with heavy rain at times which seemed to be on the button  but undeterred all of us made the decision to head to Coopers Beach have lunch with Noels parents  then turn around and head back to Kai iwi Lakes

The ride took us up through the Waipoua Forest with kauris and native bush right up to the road edge One can not hurry through here  it is just so peaceful  as the saying goes take time to smell the roses

Next stop  was  Opononi where we stop for a light breackfast and coffee at the local watering hole  pleasant  service and  reasonably priced

This hotel over looks the wharf  and beach where the NZ famous dolphin   OPO   used to frollick and play way back in the 1950s 

A quiet little back water holiday spot with a laid back atmosphere

Relish in the serene beauty of the place

The road north- east from here to Kaikohe is one to enjoy but as we noticed the early morning had left large areas of wet roads shaded by hills and banks  and with the odd rain shower passing through on had to be aware of  the slippery surface just in case we got caught out

Some of the country side  and surrounding farm land is as nice as any in New Zealand and one thing that struck me was the absence of wandering stock  a nice  surprise  for that is one of my major concerns when out riding  I do not wish to hit a beast weighing 600 kgs   besides we are animal lovers they may not fear so well either

On up to Coopers  good roads for biking and have to keep reminding ourselves of our speed  you are so absorbed  in what is around you and what is in front of you  sometime it is quite difficult to remain around that 100ks  Lucky I have cruise control

Coopers Beach was drench in sun when we arrived  and turned out to be a very pleasant day after saying our hellos  sitting down and enjoying a traditional kiwi bacon an egg pie  followed by pikelets  an cream one would be  apt to take a Sunday nap

After a couple of hours we started off on our return journey retracing our path which we had set out earlier in the day arriving back just as the sun was setting  behind the sand  dunes  of Opononi

Through the forest again  Darkness !! more of a pitch black would be a better term  The forest really did shut a out any light that may have been available but that’s riding  take the good with the bad  Good lights on our bike make the difference  and those on the Goldwing are exceptional

Overall around trip of  440ks  a nice ride for a Sunday made better with friends

The next morning we said our good-byes and set off for the short ride home  hitting rain only for the first time for the weekend as we neared the Brynderwyns  a range of hills between Whangarei and  Wellsford

Till next time  CHEERS