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09 Sep, 2008 - on about the 31st August... by Ruby

OK, so the next few journals are gonna be pretty mixed up, cause I have pics from ages ago that only now I can put in... and the ones I have taken in the last couple of days have to wait til we can buy a new camera battery charger. This one is broken!! The first camp we decided to stay at was pretty basic, nice shower and loo block, but the grounds were very dry, and sparce looking. We bent our tent pegs trying to knock them into the ground, and the sleep was bone achingly hard. But still, we are getting better at it, and are at this moment at another camp site sleeping in a bungalow!! much better.
Noel trying not to swear at the bent pegs.........  pegs in. now for the rods to be threaded thru.....                        this is the cork trees having recently been stripped of their bark. We have seen heaps of trucks laden with bark on the roads, both in Portugal and Spain. As well there seems quite a few factories handling the stuff.

we have been truly amazed at the number of high rise apartment buildings.. we knew they were here, but to actually drive past is mind boggling. And in the evenings about 7.30 on wards, the people get all scrubbed up and change into nice clothes then bring all the family out into the town parks to socialize. The oldest are parked in their door ways on chairs to watch the goings on.. the old men gather on benches to gossip for hours, the young families have fun catching up, and letting their children race around with each other. Its really nice to watch, and as someone commented the other day, even a little lonely, cause we cannot speak the lingo and join in. We so loved being in Portugal, but this end of Spain, is every bit as friendly.


there are mile upon mile of these apartment housing all along the coast.....  just a lovely boat I saw when we stopped to check out a camp site, decided not to stay, cause it was right beside a stinking fishery!! have I told you bout the huge fish they salt dry and sell buy the ton? it STINKS! but every shop has it, so it must be made into a national dish. God knows how they handle the smell.


Passed a few black pig farms, they are much tastier than the whites, and about 2 euro dearer on the menu... this Spanish policeman kindly posed for me, after himself taking pics of our bikes. Way back in The good old days of being in the States.. we suggested that Victory might be interested in doing/following our story. But they declined... fair enough I suppose, cause we could have left the dealership and gone straight under a big truck! but as it is we have had so much interest from the public bout the bikes... and sooo many pics I think it would have been a good idea for them to have kept in the picture with us.