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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

09 Sep, 2008 - Guggenheim Museum... Bilbao, Spain, a while ago by Ruby

Its a long time ago, and I cant remember where we stayed exactly.. but on the way out Noel knew the Museum was down the road aways... so there we stopped. I do remember it was hyperventilating hot, and we had to walk around the museum sweating out of every pore in our bike gear. But ohh so ...hmmmm I am going to run out of words that say amazing!! but it was. But we did not pay to go in..

this is a sculpture that we also saw in Quebec....                 part of the museum.....                   and another part......                 and the dog made out of flowers, ever so pretty with the old man of course


these are hundreds of salmon that were in the river by the museum.....   some of the beautiful hills of Portugal.....   here I am, a little bored after a long days ride. ALIENS..

I nearly forget every time.. but when we were first coming into Portugal, it was ever so hot and I had slipped off my top. Well this car load of young guys drew along side to look at the bikes.. but got more than they expected. And as we were riding faster we just kept cruising. As you can see they were totally over loaded in a car that had a smaller engine than our bikes.. but it didn't take them long to catch up again, and give us this welcome to Portugal!! it was so funny, but we were glad that we forked off soon after.


bums away, it was so funny with these guys, but I guess u had to be there....... little bunnies off to market....... and an entrance to one of the many bull fighting rings we have passed. No, we do not want to see a fight!