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09 Sep, 2008 - Last days in Portugal ... Sand competition by Ruby

This camp site was really nice, our second time in the tent. Looks more comfy than it is really, as none of us have a mattress, but Bren found some big cardboard that we put under the tents, then we laid our spare clothes out, ( permanent press ) then the sleeping bag opened up on top. Still bloody hard. But no where here can we buy the skinny blow up mattresses that would be small enough for us to carry. Needless to say... two nights in a row is about all our bones can handle. The camp meals are cheap, and tasty .

the ground is sooo hard, bent heaps of pegs getting the tents up... some examples of the international sand sculpture competitions, people from all over the world enter, just sand and water are used


these sculptures are huge!! the tittie lady stands bout 8ft high, and I am about as tall as hulks hand. we arrived first thing in the morning, which was perfect, not too many people, but still it was sweltering walking around in our bike gear. Then by the time we left, the crowds were mounting up. Bren took heaps of pics too, so you may see some different ones.