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12 Sep, 2008 - Tangier, Africa. to Gibraltar... then on down to Benidorm Spain by Ruby

I finally got a new battery charger, after trying in 3 different towns for it. Yaa, got some new pics!!

the bizarres were so colourful, all the foods like these olives looked totally edible... homeless, and oblivious to the fact that it was noon in a big park.....    the biggest gun we have seen, Emil's standing there to give you an idea. We took the ferry over from Algeciras, Spain to Tangier Africa. It really was exciting thinking about it... one moment we are in Spain, the next, well it was actually almost 2hrs cause it wasn't the fast ferry to Africa, now how exotic does that sound. Anyway, it was a pleasant ride, and we had bought a package that included a english speaking guide, and lunch. He was very very good at his job, and spoke about 4 different languages. As it happens it was rather a small group of 9 adults and 2 kids.


we set off from Algeciras Spain first thing in the morn with rain clouds gathering.... only to have a 2hr slow ferry ride to sunny Tangier Africa!!


just a small part of one of the bazaars, the quality of the craft man ship is staggering.. this guy is breaking up tiles for the mosaic work that abounds over here, absolutely beautiful... and here is our guide,

     the camel ride was only a euro.. but the man would not let us steer!! so much fun,     first sight off the ferry. the day was absolutely exhausting.. and worth every euo. the restaurant that we were taken for lunch was decked out like real Arabian ... rich drapes and carpets with low tables and live music by some Arab type looking men. The solar panels are actually in Spain, there are miles of them thru out the country. ( sorry if I repeat myself, but not going back thru the journal to check every time ) We really only were shown the touristy bits, but we all agreed it was just so interesting. The camel was very lulling to ride, like a undulating wave.... be a neat way to go to sleep. Then the next day we went to Gibraltar, and that was another neat experience. The Rock visit was about 23euros per couple... but once again well worth it.



here we are, sitting on the Rock, Spain is behind us... the old men have had enough, the heat had us all dripping by the time we had finished looking, and here is a depiction of the men chiseling out the tunnels, some of which are over 200 years old, these caves were also used in both wars.  And we were told there is over 50 miles of them, we walked about 2kms, and not all of them are open to the public. there are also huge caverns that have stalactites and stalagmites in them. I am not sure if these words are gonna come out twice. The damn thing switched off half way. The monkeys are a delight to watch, tho there are signs everywhere saying do not feed them, do not carry food. Well one lady ignored the signs and ended up on having one of the bigger ones taking a flying leap and jump up her back and onto her shoulder to try and grab the nectarine she had in her hand!! what a laugh, she threw the fruit and the monkey flew after it. Could have been some serious damage, as it was it looked like he had drawn blood with his nails... silly silly lady


didn't get too close, they were feeding... and this is the Rock of Gibraltar itself... the mother monkeys are real protective of their young, and will charge any unwanted intruders. Their fur was lovely and thick and soft, I got a touch of one of the older ones... gotta go, can feel a drink coming on. Hope you all enjoy our trip thru these meanderings, and good health to you all