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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

16 Sep, 2008 - Pyrenees by Emil

Hi Everyone  

 Well we are really on our way through Europe and have just finished a fantastic ride over the Pyrenees 

On the way we travelled to and through   Andorra la Vella   No taxes paid here from what we where told with  awesome mountain scenery  

If you ever travel to Europe this place should be on your list  I think we were all glad to experience it  

Mind you the temps has fallen dramaticly  from Barcelona where temps of  25 - 30 C everyday suited  us down to the ground

Now they are down to 15 C and even lower at night   Friggan cold  Snow on the hills and they expect snow in October   

Oh by the way it looks like the Grape harvest has started in earnest much to Rubys delight

The bikes are still pulling their weight  and ours  so with about 9 weeks to go for this part of Europe they will deserve full and overdue service in the States