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25 Sep, 2008 - Nice.... France by Ruby
Well; we caught up with Robbie and Avril; and all their friends that were staying. The ride down from Giens / Hyeres was sooo interesting, the scenery changed dramaticly from the last few days, with beautifully coloured hill country, and the French Riviara is really quite stunning. Just a pity the weather has closed in abit. We got some new pics, but cannot put them on at the moment;Well Robbie gave us the instructions on how to get to his home, warning Noel that the hill they lived on was steep. Steep! it was like the stair way to heaven!!!! with u bends that almost did not fit the bike!!! as Emil found out TWICE poor Brens bum, but no damage to the bike luckily for those fenda thingys that stop it from falling over completly.a bit scary for us all, and the girls have been given our marching orders back down the road... cause thats gonna be a lot harder for the bikes. The evening with all the kids was really great, and they all pitched in to make dinner whilst us olds just had to sit back and enjoy.... first time that being the oldest was a pluss!! carrieing on down the coast today, for who knows where. Cheers for your hospitality Robbie and Avril and Freinds, really appreciate it