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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

02 Oct, 2008 - Family YANAK by Emil

  We arrived in Tuscany to catch up and have dinner with the Yanak family What a crowd there was for dinner and it was nice to finally meet and say hello to the daughters and sons  and their respective spouses  

Frank and Dee were so kind to Noel and I on our very 1st visit to San Francisco when we traveled there to check out these Victory Vision Bikes , then again when we all arrived to start our romp across the States To meet their children and family members  was one of our main reasons for being in Tuscany  Of course the other was the Wine

All of sat down to a very lovely meal tons of laughter and conversation The highlight of the evening being a couple of skits preformed by the so called children The one Phil put on about a violin player with one arm was hilarious and had everyone laughing their heads off

We Bums are were quite taken by the families hospitality and will endeavor to see them all when we return to various parts of the USA  in a couple of months

Good luck and God bless you all