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04 Oct, 2008 - just all round these last few days in Italy by Ruby

It was great these last few days riding into Pisa, and round about. The Italians are a real friendly bunch.. this is the history of the time it took to build the leaning tower of Pisa


This train past us with at least two hundred Alfa Romeos on board... and the castle / fortress was just out of Perceto... we were in the mountains, where in the olden days, like 711 the Pilgrims trudged from Cambridge England to Rome, thru a pass called Paso Della Cisa. Noel and I trekked up from the town to the top road... it was amazing to see / feel the cobbled stones that had been laid so long ago.


If you look hard, you can see the Tower in the distance behind our bike.... This bird is thru out Europe, and is considered as big a pest as our Minors... In France especially people have dogs... especially the men, here are a few. And all the men said yes, to their pic taken, and NO women!!