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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

05 Oct, 2008 - From Serrone thru Cassino... to Venticano, Italy by Ruby

From meeting up with the family in Tuscany, Montepulciano. To arriving here, at Contrada Campocerasa has just been short of amazing.... we have had such a cool time and met so many wonderful people.
     this is our little apartment on the land where we stayed and picked

the grapes and caught up with all the family. And this is the old wall entering Rome. This is the town Montepulciano where the grape picking took place... and the Colosseum... note the weather gear is on... before we hit Rome.... rain, hail, and gale force winds hit us, whilst the sky was streaked with lightning and thunder rolled all round. Pretty scary for about 10mins til we rode it out


Last night when we pulled up to what looked like a little Hotel in the back of beyond in a place called Serrone.... none of us imagined we were gonna be in for such a good time. Firstly it was real cheap, and the coffee and wine was even cheaper. Secondly, when we were coming down stairs for dinner at 8pm, Bren and I could hear music.. so we crept further down stairs to see what was up. A lady caught us, and gestured us into a huge, ballroom type place where it turned out the band was warming up for a doo. She invited us to come back down later, and we jumped at the chance. Catching up with the boys who were starting to look at the menu, I told them we were going to have the dinner and dance downstairs, we had to wait 10 Min's, I guess it was to give them time to set up another table. Cause when we finished our drink at the bar and trooped back down  we were shown to our own beautifully set table among at least 100 Italians getting into the mood. On went the music, and they all surged onto the floor to line dance to the cha cha, and the rumba!! and all those sorts of songs... it was amazing!! finally me and Bren got up and tried to follow the steps, what a laugh. But soon we had some willing teachers,mmmm those Italian men sure know how to move thier hips, and shake thier bums!! and we had a ball. Even got a few dances out of our old men. This lasted til 1 30am and thru it all dish after dish of food came out. Three or four bottles of wine later we finally said no more!! and they did not charge us! it was meant to be 30 euro per couple, but one of the Italian men, while putting more wine on the table said to Noel, it was from them! we thought the wine, not the whole dinner... so it was a happy happy night trying to talk and dance with these lovely people.


green pool, no guests cept us.. a huge wetta type bug was drowning, he was as big as my index finger... Noel navigating the steep drive out of the hotel.


the Montecassino Monastry that was totally destroyed in the second world war by the Americans, thinking the germans were in it. Such a waste but it has been destroyed four times!! and completly rebuilt. Us four there.... and Noel and I out side the Cassino Museum. Which was particularly moving for me as we were given a guided tour thru it, as my dad was there , in the New Zealand contingent, in the assault of the Italian campaine to drive the germans out


the is a huge sculpture representing the bombing of the Monastry..... and these are snow dusted hills before we rode into Cassino