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07 Oct, 2008 - From Pompei to Brindisi by Ruby

Talk about crazy Iti drivers... Stop lights they do not see, and the little indicator switches on thier dash boards are for decoration only. As Noel and Emil found out when we hit,especially Pompei. We were just riding around trying to find the city of ashes, when this car of three Italian women drew up and asked us if we wanted to go to ?????? bout the third time of not understanding them, we just said yes! Follow us they screamed and off we went.... lights, stop signs, other cars did not exist. What a hoot, what a hair raising ride for the old guys.
           these are real humans and dogs and such...

these pavers would have been too big for one human to shape and fix. heaps of people even tho it is out of season... dog..... human. The Germans when they first started to save all this stuff filled the bodies with cement so they would be preserved.


the pillars were actually double this hight.. these tiny tiles no bigger than your little finger nail were in heaps of the houses etc depicting thier lives... the oldest amphetheatre in the world


the old guys have had enough..... just not before we get our pic taken in the Amphtheatre..... this is a very keen Italian that wanted Noel to take our pic, ( its true... Italians love to pinch your bum!!! ) and here he is guiding us out towards Pompei. Before I forget.. the night before, we were trying to find a hotel in a small town looking at the info board, when I saw this couple walking across the town square, and snagged them into helping us. Well he could not speak a word of english, and she was not much better... so in the end, he pointed to us and our bikes, and them and thier car... follow us!! how cool, yet another escort! They took us all the way to the corner of the road to the hotel. Cheers for that. Then this little guy went past us while we were at the service station... did the block, and came back to look at the bikes. Got the pic, then proceeded to guide us to the road to Pompei. When the ladies in the car finally showed us where we should start our look at Pompei, one of them turned out to be an English teacher!!! so she kindly got this bloke she knew to let us park our bikes in front of his little shop, only 3 euros each. Then gave us a quik history of Pompei and how it was excavated, starting in the 1700's and where we should go to see what. Such lovely people. About two hours later, and sweating from the trudge we emerged from the city full of wonder and awe at what it was, and to think we walked streets that were over 2000 years old. New Zealand wasnt even invented then!! quite humbling really.


Two very obliging Italian Stallion Cops....... this rubbish is typical of Italy, Spain and not so much Portugal on the sides of the roads..... Italian sheep being herded in the middle of town... see u later