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10 Oct, 2008 - Igoumenitsa, to Skafidia... Greece by Ruby

Whew! it was rather an interesting ride to get here. Although the road signs are in English as well, it was a very long, day. Beacause we are at the end of their summer as from the 1st Oct all the camp sites appear to be shut, and heaps of the hotels etc. Tried three in a city up the way... but from 72 to 119 euros we thought not, and just kept on keeping on. To finally stop here at Skafidia, which is quite close Mt Olimpus. and got a good deal in this little town, another family run busseniss. The grandma breaks into hysterical laughter every time she sees me cause I am bare feet. Obviously not the thing to do. Greece, so far has even more rubbish on the sides of the roads and beaches, and anywhere else they can drop it!!, than anywhere we have been. Bottled water is cheap over here, and so say the thousands of bottles just left at the road sides.

end of seasons produce for sale on the road sides........this beautiful bridge is before we hit Patra..... one of the strutts on the way over. The roads are very quiet because the end of the season.  We came over from Italy on the Ferry and stayed at a hotel in the port, was bout 360kms on the clock to get here.


 these are the last ranges thru Italy coming down to Brindisi Italy,  to catch the ferry to Greece. We had a really nice trip over.. hopefully Em puts some pics on for you all. I cant find mine at the minute, but did manage to have a chat with the captain and another ship person at lunch time, and they bought me a traditional dessert...... very flaky pastry stuffed with a rich egg custard and smothered in honey!!! felt like ten ton tess by the time I'd finished it. Very nice people, and more speak English a bit, than the Italians.  Sorry for the gaps... sometimes I cant find a pic to fit.