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14 Oct, 2008 - To Epidavros... Greece by Ruby
Just a couple of lines to let you all know we are still around... just a wee bit hard getting on line. Not our computer, so no pics yet. But sooo much old stuff, its real cool. I know we should be doing... as when in Rome the roman stuff... but me and Noel have really had a hard time getting round how they treat their cats. Too many... not loved... and, well, it just would not happen at home. We even took a little kitten into the vets this morn.. but they were not there. And the man that could speak a bit of English said that everyone fed them, but really nobody cared. Sooo sad. This little kitten was meawing, and meawing. And when I picked her up, she did not fight. She had her bottom half of her tail cut off, but still clinging by a hairs breath, so I held her so Noel could pull it off. The little kitten just took it... and she had a bad graze on her leg. But we could do nothing cept take her off the main street and leave her with some food. Not what we are used to.