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08 Jan, 2008 - Count Down begins by Emil
Hello Everyone

Well Christmas and the New Year has been and gone at a rate of knots, it’s leaving us all wondering what to do with all our spare time. Yeah Right

If it continues at this rate we will be back from our adventure abroad before we leave

Christmas was spent with our respective families and friends, making this occasion an even more joyous event as everyone knew we would not be able to celebrate with them for the next year

New Years Eve saw the 4 Bums, Grumpy, Lips, Blondie and Numb Nuts traveling to Auckland to welcome the New Year in at the Rendezvous Hotel

Great D.J music, heaps of dancing, plenty of wine, and more than enough food that just seemed to materialize from nowhere.

A group of people, at our shared table, including three from overseas, made for interesting conversation, good company and a pleasant evening all round. Needless to say we retired late into the night, hours after seeing the New Year in.

The major consolation being at least we didn’t have far to walk to bed.

As for news of how our adventure is progressing, all seems to be on track at the moment. With only two months to go before we depart for San Francisco,

Scuderia West Motorcycles have informed us that the bikes have arrived and are having a few added extras fitted and will be already to ride out of the shop when we arrive.

I have been receiving daily emails from Grumpy 56-55-54-53-52…. sleeps to go, you could think that by this that he’s becoming excited..

No I really mean really EXCITED, so are the rest of us Bums


New Years Eve Sky Tower Auckland 2007