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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

16 Oct, 2008 - Mykonos GREECE by Emil

Well here we are doing Greece  and of coarse had to do one of the Islands too at least say we have been there and done that !!

The island we chose was MYKONOS  Manily because the others were shut  No we were told that summer was over and this island had at least some life  Thats to was an understatement as since we have been here about 6-8 cruiseliners have hit port and its all on Walking the narrow streets crowded with tourist going for a stroll becomes fustrating  so we headed out of town for a swim at a beach that was far less crowded Only about a handful there  It was sure peaceful and quiet

We will spend a few more days here absorbing the local culture and their OUZO For some of us it tastes great  but some of the team is letting us down

With 8 weeks to go we are starting to plan the final leg through Europe and too get the the bikes shipped to New York

So until next time Think about us sunning our bodies on the beautiful Med beaches