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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

20 Oct, 2008 - Going back a few days, to Gialova - Pylos Greece by Ruby

Okey dokey... I shall be shifting around abit with this story and pics... so hard to keep up while here in Greece. On the 13th Oct we pulled up to a very nice camp park that had Bungalos, and decided to stay two nights. Which, as it turned out was great! we met a very nice German family... Albert, a over grown big kid of a dog, and his parents Klaus and Doris.

We met Klaus and Albert on one of our walks.. then Doris on the beach and hit it off. Which made for some funny conversations, especially when we met their Friends that hardly spoke any English. But they pointed out some things we should see... and we are soo glad they did! Especially the rocks and monastery's at  Meteora. but first, the stone path, and cave below the castle were all just a couple of kms walk down the road from the camp. Also every day we went swimming, tho its not that warm really. The owner was Greek, who spoke pretty good English and was lovely.

      some of the coast line is stunning, as long as you ignore the rubbish littering most of it. could smell these goats before we saw them.. they milk the girls of course.... and this is a native clematis


Having said goodbye to our new Friends we made our way to Ancient Epidaurus..... absolutely stunning, I actually took this pic of a pic cause I could not get far enough away from it. This Amphitheater can seat 15 thou people, and is still used all the time. First part built by the Greeks in bout 400 B.C... then the Romans added to it 200 B.C. Its just mind boggling how much old stuff we can see over here.