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21 Oct, 2008 - Now I shall jump around the last few days Athens, Mykonos Island... by Ruby

We were all warned how bad the traffic is in Athens, but like every time before, it just is not as bad as they say. Just gotta move with the flow and not piss around making decisions. On the way to Mykonus we saw this huge fish farm... pity our blokes at home are not allowed to do it. Foods food.. and as you can see, they are not ugly, but interesting

The fish farms on the way to Athens, in the distance you can see a boat hauling one out to sea... can only guess cause the fish are big enough to be freed.  Noel just told me that they are dragging them out to better water and food DuH!!!And at Athens Parthenon, we had soo many people taking pics and sitting on our bike for pics, that the guy on Noels left said he would collect 1 euro per sitting... so funny, cause some people believed him and wanted the pics I was taking so they could pay! These two gentlemen are in the South African government, Mr Litho Suka is on the right, they were very interesting to talk to.. as were the partners. P.S... I do not know if you want more words, or the pics, hope to make ever one happy a bit at least. P.P.S Noel had to remind me to tell you, that the South Africans are not that tall... they were standing on the step up!


Here are the bikes and us at Athens.... bet thats another first huh, Victory???? People are just blown away by the size and shape of them, we clocked up 44 thousand Kms on the bikes today.... this is the last rubbish pic I shall put in I promise. Just the fact that there is so much blows our minds...... But truly, we have been having a ball in one way or the other, even if we often have spats and tiffs. It all washes over in a trice.
 would anyone really expect anything different , with four separate personalities.. personally, having two nagging husbands at times... can be two too many! And I.m sure Bren often cringes in her seat ... waiting to see what mood,and how tolerant I am of the moment. Thank god, we are indeed friends


these windmills were constructed in 1710.. tho have been renovated heaps since. and this was just one man on Mykonos redoing his boat for the season.... the sailboat behind the windmill was just one of four ships that came in for the day... equaling 10 to 12 thousand tourists!!! we are not sure how the island manages with water etc, but obviously they do. We had a lovely apartment for the four of us just off the main streets. It was nice and private, but accessible to everything.
Mykonos, is post card perfect.. just like wot we have been reading bout... tho in truth, much of Greece is not like this at all. There are heaps of brown hills, and boring plain towns, with no apparent characture of thier own.


perfect ad for Persil huh? just outside our apartment... And this huge sooo lovable dog decided to spend some time with us on the beach, I gave him a drink, it was real funny, he drank all the water then took off with the bottle! and these Pelicans are a fixture of Mykonos Island where we were for four nights.


You could get soo close to them, and man they stunk!... some cute sheep being herded on the island, and a Christening for quite a few little ones in progress. There were more cats than ever on this island.. but will make a whole page of them later, so UN cat lovers, be warned. We are now lookin at the ways to do Istanbul, more on that later..... We send our love to our families, and friends, til later XX


they are just lovely....... people live in the windmill's, not much room.  And this young ginger tom loved sitting on my lap after dinner