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25 Oct, 2008 - Nis... Serbia by Ruby
Well here I am again, with no pics. Tho I suspect that I shall be able to use my own computer at this terminal of the hotel we are staying at to transfer them. After dinner. its been a long ride, from Greece Alexandraopilis,  thru Bulgaria and on to Nis Serbia. The day was very overcast, and the coldest we have been for a long time. down to 10 degrees at times... even decided to stop and put our bumblebee suits on, much to the amusement of the Greece border guards that stopped to make sure we were alright. ( probably just wanted to check on these dumboes that stopped on the motorway ) The land is sooo interesting, all changes of seasons in the hills and trees. Tho never seen so many deralict buildings, and poor housing. Absolutely the worst we have seen. Tho I cannot say third world, cause the people, peasants I guess they are... are all well and fed, even still the dogs. Went thru an amazing gorge from Sofia... to near here. The cliffs, and rocks, and stuff were so like nothing we have seen before. Always there are wonderful things to see.. The serbs seem a freindly helpful people, and we got thru the borders with no real waiting. Will try pics later. Probably on this page