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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

29 Oct, 2008 - Pics from the last week...Thessaloniki to Serbia by Ruby

I am gonna go flat out.. cause I'm hooked up to a freebie, and not sure how long it will last.

these guys are free climbing.....here is one of the monastery's, built in the Meteora mountains....    and this lovely cat stalking our bike... and us slip streaming Em and Bren. I mentioned these mountains... they were sooo stunning, and thanks to our German Friends, Klaus and Doris  we got to see them.


some more of the rocks... and me on top of the mountain, one of the monastery's in background.... and you will really have to zoom in on this one to see the goats, way up in the mountains, with what to eat???


these are shelters for sheep and goats, we passed heaps of farms on this leg of the journey... and cattle are stored in sheds as well, only let out sometimes for fresh feed. This is a shed of cotton, heaps in this area, from Thessaloniki to Alexandroupoli area.


this is poor people housing, and these plastic tents are a Turks slum, the Greeks have real trouble with them... they must freeze in the winter. A lot of them are gypsies... and this is another view of the mountains of Meteora. The roads have been great, and the weather fine. We hauled up to a garage for gas, and I saw the men picking the last of the grapes and offered to buy some. But they said the grapes were not fit to eat.. but he let me try some anyway, and when I said they were good they just gave me a bag of them! then as the boys were still playing with the oil thingys on the bikes, the man came out with a glass of their wine for me to taste! how kind is that... sometimes it is sooo nice to belong to the human race


more of the mountains.... and Lamia Fort, which is before Thessaloniki. Now I shall start on the next page... no, I think I will put Istanbul in the Gallery