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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

30 Oct, 2008 - Senj... Croatia by Ruby

Well, its been down to 3 degrees, and our first rain was yesterday, after leaving Senj Croatia, for Trieste Italy.. But got to tell you, Ems bike shot its bearings, and both bikes were in dire need of back brake pads. Which we found out when we were lucky enough to be directed to Go Go, a 21year old mechanic , But I'm jumping the gun a bit... we had spent most of the day on back roads, then the motor way before deciding to turn off to Senj. Which is very fortunate, cause thats when Ems bike decided to spill its guts. Whoa, the noise!! we followed them all the way down the mountain clacking and groaning. Real funny if it wasn't so serious.

following B and E down the mountain..... after speaking to Go Go, the bike is put on the highjacker.  The guys did a great job on the bikes, and we rented his mothers apartment for the night at a reasonable rate, because they had to wait for more bits the following day. A beautiful little town, with yep... another castle!

Go Go, had his friend Marino, lending a hand, and his dad who only works part time at the garage kept an eye on things. We also met Marko who was a motorbike cop... they all belonged to a bike club and kindly gave us T.shirts with their logos on.A lot of the castles in Croatia and Serbia look like great halls.


farewell to a great young machanic...  riding at dusk thru the Croatian hills....... and an old fort wall before Trieste Italy


three different views of one aw some rock... Called The Rok

it was real cold on this plain... mussel farm on the way out of Senj. We flew Thru the Slovakia customs, and even the Italians just let us in with a wave... much different from the Serbs and border guards going into Bosnia. Thought we were gonna have to turn around for a while. The man just refused to understand that we were insured for their country... and reluctantly gave me our papers and wished us good luck with the bikes!!! but all was well, even seeing the little towns on the borders still with gun holes not mended. Anyway Em might add to this bike story later.. see you