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30 Oct, 2008 - Bike Woes Croatia by Emil

Hi Everyone  Well after traveling 46000 ks my poor bike decided that it needed a rest and told me that with all this gallivanting around the countryside over mountains  twist and turns   In all weathers quick stops, pot holes falling over , fast one minute then slow the next  Day after day without a wash for days on end,  a  frequent top up with oil  Tyres that are nearing the end for their use  It was about her time to tell me  enough enough

Nothing major fortunately  just that one of the rear wheel bearings collapsed and when that happens things become a bit tricky  The sad part was that we were 20 odd ks from anywhere and as Noel said ride on boy but take it easy  With a wobble and fingers crossed we made it to a local garage which just happened to have some keen and enthusiastic bikers present   A new type of bike they could get their hands on and with that they had the back wheel off in no time thanks to Noels advice and helping hands  A bearing was sourced from a city 70 ks away and by lunch time the next day it was all finished , including brake pads to the rear that the boys bonded together with glue and heat

After 300 ks the bike seems fine but I am still a little hesitant to either brake hard or go over 100 kph 

So we told   VICTORY   of our woes  and they have kindly arranged for the bike to be serviced in Milano on Monday  From the sounds of things they have pulled out all stops to make sure our travel plans are not interrupted and I was told that they will dismantle one of the show bikes if they have too, privileged indeed   This is very fortunate as were are now in Venice and there just happens to be one of the biggest bike shows on in Europe  starting next week  and it looks like we will be going      

Besides all this we all have done some miles since leaving Greece  and with that a change in the temperature as well  Looking around and seeing all the colours from autumn as we  move north knowing we are  heading into a change of season  Something that we would rather not but thats part of the fun and it is only going to get cooler   Tonight on TV parts of Europe floods and early snow was enough to start bringing  out the thermals   Switzerland is one country we had planed to visit we will have to wait and see