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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

30 Oct, 2008 - Venice by Ruby

We are staying just out of Venice... bout 15mins bus ride. Yesterday we went in, in the rain. Ended up buying unbrellas cause it just would'nt let up. Tho we had a fantastic day, getting lost in all the winding streets and ally ways. This place is just like the pictures we have seen.... soooo neat with the water running everywhere. not too dirty either, considering what you see washed into it. Decided against the Gondola ride, cause of the rain, and price. But walked and gawked til we were ready to drop. Absolutly lovely day. All the shops with the masks and glass, really drool material...

the Gondolas are still being made in the old style... there were heaps of them, water buses, and boats carting produce all over the waterways.... ther are some magificent buildings, we only saw a fraction of it .