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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

02 Nov, 2008 - Mestre, Venice thru Verona, Berscia. To Desio, Milano by Ruby

We have had some great riding... tho the weather has crapped out a bit.( not really, cause it is their autumn ) but we have used our bumble bee suits quite a lot, against the damp and cold.

Berscia castle, we did not stay here cause we couldn't find anything easy... and this is Verona a real beautiful tourist town, so we only had Mc Donalds and carried on. This Roman Coliseum is there as well. We wondered why so many Italians were going to the churches and cemeteries on the 1st November... found out that is their "Dead Day" to remember. I just love the Italians, they are sooo friendly, our hosts at Desio were yet another family run business, who cut us a good deal, and made us feel right at home.


me and Bren fooling around while we were waiting for the old guys to sort all the bike work out at Eglios Garage. Had to wait hours for the first lot of work to be done, which Noel is gonna write about ( thank god... ) too techno for me.


amazing artwork in someones house we past on the road to Desio.. one of the bikes at the show in Milano.. very serious stuff, working on Emils bike.


two gorgeous dogs of Eglios, at the garage..... and just for fun, our bikes finally have produced off spring