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06 Nov, 2008 - Aosta to France ... Arnay Le Duc by Ruby

By the time we got to Aosta... we had had enough of cold wet weather, and tried the second 2star Hotel we came to. Good price and nice room, so that was that. On the way up here, we past thru some of the arguably most beautiful country we have ever seen... and neither Bren nor I had our cameras out because of the weather! castles, forts, villages tucked into and clinging to hill sides. colours of autumn abounded. Waterfalls abounded after what apparently was a huge amount of rain in the hills. It was really quite cold, getting down to 5 degrees on the road. Still pouring down when we went for our exciting dinner of Mac Donalds..( everyone sick of pasta )

So the next morn we set off for France once more, thru the Italian French Alps and past Mont Blanc. We had to go thru a tunnel almost 12kms long! half way thru.. it was 22 degrees, and we were sweating in our thermals.


the country side either side of the Alps is really stunning, villages abounded in the valleys, and clinging to the cliffs... this is our last hotel in Italy, cold, with snow on the hills. Such an interesting, friendly people


This is the site of the super conductor experiment  Cern, an underground  tunnel system, approx 35km? long  around the Swiss / France border... you will have to check it out on google if you want to know the full story... amazing really. And the French and Italians are very big on Chrysanthemums, they are everywhere at the moment


Mont Blanc awesome!!! and snow covered mountains to drive thru ( thermals on )

 I could fill this page with beautiful snow scenes.... but I think you may get bored, so I shall put in a few from Arnay Le Duc... France

on the road bout 20kms before Arnay Le Duc where we ended up staying for two nights. I walked into this little pub/ hotel that did not even look like it was open, and was greeted by this HUGE ALSATIAN!!  called Teakon, pardon the spelling.And the old couple who own the place were lovely, we were made so welcome, the rooms were cheap, and the meals superb. We wandered the streets, had a run round the lakes, and generally unwound for two days. Bren and I wandered up to the local betting shop for coffee and a flutter. Its real fun not being known.,Bren and I are a female minority when we go out... god knows what the women do, maybe stay home and wash undies... but its the men that frequent the coffee, pub places... and while I remember, gotta say.... this side of France is 100 per cent friendlier than our first visit. Noel jokingly said maybe the other side was too close to England. Anyway, we tried to talk to the locals, who in turn, tried and talk to us. When we finally left this morning, there were hugs and kisses all round, and 'dad' gave us a very nice bottle of wine.


a real French postman.... medieval town house of this area... lookin out our hotel window..... so who did you say you were again? .... oh yea, the weirdo from New Zealand! ( two friendly donkeys )


Our Hotel at Arnay Le Duc, afternoon, and dusk....Autumn sooo beautiful..... one fat freindly cat.