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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

09 Nov, 2008 - Paris by Ruby

Amid st the hustle of these roads, we've arrived at our hotel... not too far from the centre of Paris so we were to discover. After settling in, we split up and went for a walk. Noel and I headed to wards a market we had seen when arriving, and Bren and Em headed in the other direction. Spent a couple of hours just suckin in the atmosphere... forgot just how many little dogs are here in France. So many were carried in shopping bags thru the market... really quite cute. We all had a quiet night, and headed into town and the sights the next morning. Not as easy as it looks... could not work out the metro, no one spoke enough English where we were to give directions. So before everyone got too heated, we decided to get the taxi. A good idea as it turns out, the cabbie spoke pretty good English and dropped us on the route of the tourist bus.

it is really cold here today... the old men wondering what they can do while me and Bren visit Notredamn....  dunno how he can sleep on the cold ground on this cold day, as everywhere, there are heaps of beggars and bums


Eiffel Tower up close..  heaps of cops totin guns walking around...Notradamn, amazing!!! ...just a tease.... so beautiful cakes and pastries over here......us, beating the traffic

Will do more later, am off to The Louvre, for some culture... its THE Art museum... Bren's got some good pics to go in as well. Have a happy day!