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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

12 Nov, 2008 - Day 3 PARIS by Emil

The European leg of our trip is winding down , So we arrived in PARIS on Sunday afternoon and found a hotel in the district of Nations  .On our arrival Ben And I  went for a walk around to see what was around and stretch our legs.

The following day we all decided that the best option was to do what we have done in the some other major city's and that was to jump aboard one of the city tour buses, Familiarize ourselves with PARIS , see some of the major land marks and just spend the day absorbing the splendor of this beautifully well kept city .After this  we left Noel and Ruby and wandered the streets slowly making our way back to the Hotel. But not before finding a hospitable IRISH PUB .and settled in to have  a good meal and a few pints .

It was decided to stay  on an extra day that evening because we all felt there was more to see and do

Brenda and I  starting our new day with an Armistice Day Service .I'd hate to say how far we walked , but I know it was more than a few miles .In our travels we went through markets  shopping malls and stalls, being hijacked by street hawkers and visiting the odd café and pub for refreshments .Visiting the Montmartre District . a haven of artists and the Basilique Du Sacre- Caur. The beauty of this was being able to overlook the sights of PARIS .From there we moved on down to see the musical house of Moulin Rouge then seeing the red light Area , was or just happened to be close by . We detoured through there gasping and absorbing the atmosphere . OF course the offer to watch a live show was rebuked .$ 60 each ( we only had $20 between us ) the only reason .Then on to-wards the Avenue Des Champs Elysees. But not before we had visited  the big department stores Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann. It was a long day , which we throughly enjoyed and as evening fell to see the Eiffel Tower bristling with lights and colour , the buildings and the avenues decorated with lights . I am glad we spent the extra day

 In the next few days we all move on to Germany and prepare the Bikes for shipping .