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12 Nov, 2008 - More pics of Paris by Ruby

We wandered the streets again today, after deciding this is as good a place as any to stop before riding on to Germany. Noel and I had to trudge back to the Louvre today... as yesterday it was shut!!! But the walks have been wonderful, sooo much to see, soo many old buildings to stop and admire. ( Noel has been the soul of patience ) old buildings are really not his thing, maybe Bren and I should have struck out together this morning and left the old guys to it. The weather is cold, but not wet, I just love this place.

Noel, yesterday pissed off that it wasn't open..... the main entrance to The Louvre is thru this piramid... a Gothic column in the middle of town... An artistic shot by Noel


Made on the spot, one crepe a la Sucre for grumpy!!.... down a side street of Paris.... Inside the central dome of Lafayette's, a huge department store., Christmas decorations are more apparent now in the stores.. and la puss. Registered with a tattoo in her ear.


A repest that I cannot delete just now Mc Donald's, in one very old building, sorry could not find the history of it... and a replica of a town courtyard.... An arch in The Louvre, everything is larger than life here. The Columns discovered and preserved in the museum are 21mtrs high! solid stone built 7000 odd years B.C !! the galleries and museums were too large, too filled with information to really assimilate in one day. WE SAW THE MONA LISA!!! Noel said, uh, I thought it would be a bigger painting. So much for culture. We walked til we were ready to drop, and had probably only seen one third of what they have here in The Louve.... too much to describe, mind boggling how them in the old days created such beautiful, LASTING, totally 'how did they do it?? ' STUFF!!!


Reflections of Christmas, a shop window display. They put platforms outside the windows, so the children don't have to fight the adults for a view, at times we could not push our way thru for the throngs that crowded the streets on their Amnesty day. And this is part of one of the Government buildings that dates from1678.... the Gargoyle is actually just a photo on a gym window for privacy, he was just too detailed to miss..... and one of the many bums on this planet, tho this guy is pretty organized, he carries all his belongings around on a warehouse trolley.


Crows are so clever, I have a whole strip of pics taken watching him and his friends working out how to open these containers, only to find there is no food left in them! so then they proceeded to eat the containers, hilarious to watch..... the building with the gold bits is the Music / arts, museum. ..... and these are some of the gardens at The Louvre. We are off tomorrow, hopefully the weather stays put, cause rain has been threatening. Haven't seen Bren or Em today... so hopefully they have more new pics and tales for you.