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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

14 Nov, 2008 - From France, thru Belgium, and Luxembourg to Germany by Ruby

We are now in Bitburg, Germany. Had one hell of a cold ride today, mostly 3 to 5 degrees. Chilled the old bones after a while.  Before we left Paris, Noel managed to get our bikes close enough for this shot. We were not allowed to linger, cause the farmers were gearing up for a protest march, sheep and all, and on the other side of the park, the forest service, national parks people had their placards ready for their demonstration! so we chose a good day to leave.

It was a pretty cold, dull day to be leaving Paris, tho we all enjoyed our stay immensely. A camera woman already sending in her pics from her van, to the station of the protesters gathering.... jumping the gun a bit, this is Noel in our " cupboard " bathroom in the hotel we got in Fismes,... pretty grotty, but clean bed. We had our dinner down stairs, and I chose a traditional sausage. Jeezuz!! after the first sniff, that the others also recoiled from, I could understand why the girl brought me a large container of Dijon Mustard. I really had to not breathe when putting it in my mouth. The taste was sooo strong and musty gamey. So much for trying something new..... that had to be my most forgettable taste of my entire adult life!!  ( I hope )found out it was a sausage made from pigs intestines, and it smelt like poo!! after that I reakon I can handle anything. Dessert made up for it, which none of us usually have, but all did for a change. Bren had a lovely peach melba, Noel had a delicious banana split, and both me and Em had a vodka lemon sorbet. More vodka than anything, so washed the bad taste away.


a ruined château on the way out of France.... hopefully this next pic is going to change to another shot, the computer is playing up at the moment, and pics are popping up all over the place. Em in the rear vision mirror, waiting for the lights to change in Luxembourg.


this pic, and the one below is tons of beets grown for bio fuel, and heaps of hay. Hundreds of acres being harvested now. Remember our German Shepperd ? well this beauty is twice as big!! behind the bar

We also saw some beautiful Belgium blues, as we rode thru the freezing countryside... and guess who this is???? Jeremy Clarkson??? at Luxembourg lights

As close as we were gonna get to Disneyland France.... the old boys waiting for their drinks at the pub with the huge dog... The couple that ran it were Country American fans with everything from saddles, pics of country singers, Indian ornaments.. you name it, they had it. The guy told Noel he owned a Cadillac convertible, they both wore all the gears, and seemed to survive on bubbly... mum and her pooch, below


 sorry, but cant fix these pics til our whiz kids AJ and AMY look at the program.. cheers! P.S good to have more people speaking english here, in Germany.