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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

20 Nov, 2008 - Bit burg, to Mara and Arous, and thru Goslar, to Berlin by Ruby

The last week has been pretty hectic, and cold. I guess winter is really starting to dig in here. A lot of the time on the bikes is spent in 3 to 5 degrees... bbbrrrrr. We stayed over in Bit burg for a night before carrieing on to Mara's and Arno's. The young German couple we spent time with 4 months ago. The roads have been good, and the scenery is ever changing, tho a lot of the time we do not have our cameras out cause of the rain.

a lovely youngish couple ran this hotel and restaurant with a fat black cat, and a little dog. The art on the walls was fantastic! comic but real pics of pigs doing all sorts of things. And the hostess painted herself, so it was great talking to her...    The house is where Mara and Arnau live.. in the top half. And a delightful couple own it and live in the bottom. Elvera and her husband who I never got to hear his name so just called him dad. We spent quite a time talking with them, very interesting as we all struggled with each others language. ... And not a very good pic, but these are Canadian geese flying south. Amazing experience really, they kept up a constant babble between them selves that was audible from miles away, and we watched as the stragglers caught up, and swapped places with those in front. a well devised plan at survival. I counted one average size V.. and there were one hundred birds in it... we saw at least 20  V's that morning!!!  but apparently the numbers get cut down over Italy, cause they eat them.


we had such a happy time at the kids place.. everyone is so kind. Wolf Fred, Mara's dad who lives next door, came over to introduce us to his new partner Gabby, one wet afternoon, and offered us a drive to Gabbie's friends house for afternoon tea. Well we all thought it would be nice to see some new countryside, and piled into the cars. It was such a laugh when we finally arrived at Munch Fred, and Erika's house cause they were only expecting Gabby and Wolf Fred!! not six other strangers! but it didn't take them long to welcome us all into their home and plonk us all down with an assortment of drinks of which they had brought back from their holiday in Majorca. As it turned out, Munch Fred can speak way better English than we can german... so everyone was soon sharing their holiday experiences. We later noticed Gabby and Munch Fed having a discussing in German, which turned out be be Munch Fred phoning several restaurants before he could get one that would take all ten of us for dinner. Not before Erika sat us at the table and fed us her delicious baked cheesecake with coffee, teas, and bubbly. A very good mix.. it really was a very pleasant forerunner to us all sharing dinner together.. After Hugs and goodbyes most of us went to Wolf Fred's for a nightcap, before going back with Mara and Arnua to bed. The next day, Noel thought it would be a good idea if I cooked a traditional Kiwi roast lamb dinner.... Hmmmm  after my initial trepidation, I said OK. and after a too big lunch with Wolf Fred, he took us to the grocery store for supplies, Emil wandered off to sort the wine, Bren had some shopping of her own to do, and Noel and I completely dumbfounded Wolf Fred with our shopping list. Gotta say, I have never seen someone so worried that we weren't going to have enough food. But Bren and I prepared and cooked everything to perfection. So alls well that ends well, there was heaps left over for breaky the next day, and we had a lovely Evening with them all again. Really sad to leave all our new Friends, and hope they keep in touch by e mail at least...  Thank you all soooo much for your very generous and warm hospitality.    The pic of the squrrill is the best I can do close up, he is dead, I'm afraid. The little peckers just run too fast, this one had just been hit by a car.


these deer are just down the road from the kids house.... for use in  a restaurant ( nothing like fresh meat )  the Kiwis were the last to go to bed after the gathering, and after another drink Emil followed Brenda who had followed the kids, so Noel and I had one more quiet drink whilst listening to Arni's music and a play with the camera