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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

22 Nov, 2008 - Eisenberg... Germany by Ruby

Hey! everyone..... check these pics out! This is what we rode thru most of the day from Berlin, until we parked our bikes in this charming town. Froze all our spare bits, with the temperature going from 3 degrees to 0!!!

we stopped for a pee stop for the old men... it was freezing! so me and Bren decided to wait til we hauled up for a coffee


Ended up having some real nice soup instead... the roads were pretty slushy, and we were a bit concerned about carrying on. But a little way back up on the road, it fined up some.. and was pretty dry for a while


but the other day, we couldn't find a loo anywhere!!!!! The boys lined up against the deer fence with about 10 other men needing to go... and me and Bren found a quiet byway