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25 Nov, 2008 - Sinsheim, Germany by Ruby

Its actually the 27th, but I am going to try and be a little organized, and write as did happen. Which takes us back to when we said goodbye to Bren and Em after sorting the bikes for their plane flight to New York. Bren and Em hired a car to take them to the airport for England.... and we hired one to "do a bit more of Germany" and to catch up with some friends we had met in Greece. About 40mins down the Auto Bahn we saw the signs for Auto & Technik Museum, Sinsheim. Which the old boys had decided not to go to when we were in Heidelberg, cause of the weather. Well, it was getting late, so Noel and I decided to find a hotel, and then go to the Museum next morning.... which we did, and real glad of it too.Brilliant! took too many pics, and hard to choose what to put in, but heres a few. ( sorry Em... but it was a too good an opportunity to miss )



sooo many tanks here Jess.... will send more later.... an American, and a German in a dog fight, which caused them to crash... but both survived the fight, and met up years later to celebrate! and a tank the Germans destroyed so the Russians could not have it.. The displays in this museum are fantastic. Not just war stuff, but cars, bikes, farming implements, and heaps in between.


one lonesome freezing bike... and a park bench with the snow falling on our last night in Heidelberg... and I do not really know why this bull is outside the Museum


Russian Sukoi, fighter bomber jet... and different angles of the concords, and the controls in the cockpit. So narrow to walk up the aisle, fat people would not have had a chance of squeezing into the seats!


some more war stuff, I have not cut any car pics yet. But since no one was watching, thought we would do this one for the littlies... And we finally caught up with Doris, and Klaus, Albert had to stay home so we could walk some of the country side. We are actually standing on a rock ledge, with the river Nectar way down below us. The hills were studded with bare grape vines. We then walked down to the bottom of the cliff, and wandered thru these most beautiful rock formations, that people climb.