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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Nov, 2008 - Stuttgart, Germany by Ruby

Still catching up.... we are now staying with our friends Doris, Klaus, and Albert. Its been really great catching up with them in Pleidelshaeim,  half an hour from Stuttgart. They took us out to a Christmas Market thats held every year last night. It was just magic... lots of traditional gifts and decorations to buy, with heaps of freebie tastes. Took pics, but most are not good enough to put on... then we went to the local German pub for dinner which was delicious German fare. Old mum and dad have been there for about 30 years keeping their customers happy. Next day after a leisurely breakfast, they went to work and we came into Stuttgart for the Mercedes Museum. The buildings amazing! no money spared, in its design or construction. You get taken up to the top in a lift, then walk down this huge spiral looking at the exhibits. As in all museums, its not just their own stuff.


just for fun, there were a couple of sculptured cars ther.... big boys and their toys.... and one huge snow ploughing truck. Remember this is all Mercedes, not our favorites, but soo interesting


these cars were easier to take pics of, than the last museum... huge displays, more serious... and another view of the Museum itself. A beautiful building, inside and out. Passed the Porsche Museum... but its not finished much much bigger so was a shame that we didn't get to see it, tho passed the factory, and saw the cars on the line rolling along being worked on.


Doris at the Markets.... Albert waiting for his turn on the computer.... and two happy Germans selling delightful Christmas decorations, Frett work, really very intricate, and expensive.

It was so sad leaving Klaus and Doris this morning.. we had such a good time together,  XXXX and hugs to Albert