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27 Nov, 2008 - Thru Konstanz, Schaffhausen, Geisingen... Germany by Ruby

Whew! since we left Klaus and Doris, we have traveled thru snow, a BAD accident that Noel would not let me take pics of, but there was blood on the road, and one of the cars front window was smashed like a head had met it. No fatalities, we think. The land looks absolutely beautiful covered in snow. Down to minus 5 degrees. And when we finally stopped for the night in Geisingen there was ice on the roads. It was getting dark by the time we found this place, for no other reason than that we needed a bed. But as it turns out, there was a warm pool, ( too bad we have sent our togs on with the bikes ) gym room, lovely dinner, and bed.  Germany has, consistently had the best rooms in all of Europe for the cost.
         I just had to put some of this Arch in.. the whole thing is

rather macabre, but really very clever... this was in Konstanz. We only drove thru, twice! so I could get these pics, cause we were on the way to the Rhein Falls that Klaus said we had to see.



the falls were beautiful, reminded us of Niagara, tho the scenery was more interesting here, with the houses and fishermen.. who we ended up watching from the restaurant for a while and they gave up with empty lines. It was bloody freezing! and none of them had gloves on!


are men born with smaller bladders, or is it just because they can!!!! these are Deer overhead bridges! how cool is that. They can go visit their friends without being squashed by dumb cars!!! and here is another magical snow scene. 3pm in the afternoon, and we are fast losing light. How we are going to miss Germany... a lovely country.