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02 Dec, 2008 - Frankfurt.. Germany by Ruby

Our last day in Germany..... I am really sad to leave this leg of our journey. We have met so many wonderful, kind, Straight forward, no nonsense, very precise people with a great sense of humour.The country is so much like our own... tho now it is winter, there has been many cold days. Mostly 0 to 3 degrees now. And beautiful snow. I have just a few more pics of our last few days traveling.

this is frost on our car window. The whole thing was sparkling in the sun when we left the hotel in the morning... even our water bottle was solidly frozen in the car, and none of the controls for heating etc would start for ages!!!

We passed heaps of beautiful Christmas card picture villages, never got sick of seeing the changing scenery. The tall building is one in Stuttgart.


a country town.. and this is the castle in Heidelberg. Just found the pics of Heidelberg so shall put them in while I have the chance. We thought the town was very pretty. Tho it was bitterly cold


here are a few shop windows dressed for Christmas


sooo many pretty windows, Em fooling around... more streets and me. Bye to Germany, Hello America, our last leg of this amazing journey. XXX , see some of you in New Zealand