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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

03 Dec, 2008 - New York, America... on Aer Lingus by Ruby

Well, we have made it!!! we left Frankfurt yesterday morning on a  AER LINGUS plane. Stopped over at Dublin airport for 4 hours... then on to New York in a plane that was only half full. So we got to spread ourselves out. A very nice dinner on board too. And our Air New Zealand Hostess's could sure take some lessons from the Irish hostess's. They were really helpful, and funny. And the accent!! I just love it, so soft and quirky, just get them talking to me so I can hear it. Talk to you later... off to get the bikes this morning. It really was a good trip, since we only paid budget prices... 14 hours en route!!! bloody tiring. Well the boys have gone to get the bikes, and Bren has gone for some woman medicine, so I shall finish this while I can.

Before I forget, and we start romanticizing the 6 month, Europe leg of the trip... it was really hard at  times. I don't think any of us quite realized that the language barrier was going to be such a huge stumbling block. Every day in one way or another, we had problems to solve.Directions to work out, even the G.P.S was not always reliable. Petrol stations that closed in the middle of the day, or only took cards, or even what sort of gas!!! the food was a mostly hilarious trial and era for some of us, as in making ourselves understood. Although we knew Europe was going to be more expensive than the States... NO ONE guessed how much more, so that was a bone of contention at times. Our eyes were really ripped open by some of the blatant heartless way some people treat their animals, and pets. I will not linger on this subject, or I could fill a book and get very mad. But thru it all, we really had some great times, saw amazing things, and met and made some wonderful friends  but it was not easy.... But worth it???? whoa absolutely.