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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Dec, 2008 - Crash Landing JFK by Emil

Well folks I have to admit that it was bound to happen sooner or later , I am just amazed , I"ve lasted this long before I crashed my bike .

 I' ve been traveling so close to Grumpy at times I seem to be living on my wits or those that I have .  Its been close at times but this time I didn't miss him  As Ruby said, quote " right up his BUM "  or words to that effect

Fortunately only panel damage and not that serious Grumpy's bike nearly got off scott free , only the odd scratch or two .  We are still mobile and now have taken the chance to fix the damage while we are in New York                         I am happy with this option as after the people at Victory , being so generous with me , I didn't wish to ride a damaged bike ( Not good advertising )  and being done under an Insurance claim should look like new although I will lose my  details and logo's  on the bike.

Besides all that , the bikes arrived undamaged , and the paper work through US Boarder Protection went rather smoothly.   In fact it was a breeze,  much to our delight  . The only hassle we had , and that took most of 2 hours to rectify , was Noels bike arrived with a flat battery.   After numerous phone calls and a few cross words  with motorbike shops, roadside assistance ( doesn't exist ) as no-one wishes to accept  liability ,  we managed to find some jumper leads and some helpful bods ,  only to eager to help us out of our situation .   With that done we were on our way refuel the bikes and get back to the hotel  . Thats when the shit hit the fan  .Oh well another chapter to our overseas adventure  .

Brenda  is now feeling better but is insisting we head south as fast as we can because she is starting to feel the cold  . We have to tell her that its warmer here than Europe , so get used ti the weather . She keeps mumbling something about Florida !!!! 

This pic shows another plane heading in our direction . That was the second one I saw ,  I just wonder how many are out there


FOOTNOTE    I've been told to come clean and say that I also had an OFF in Wales of all places on a farm lane after visiting Mike ( a pom that worked for us a few years back )Slipped on some moss and put the bike on its side , again only going at low speed  Its so easy I think I might be good at it  Soon I'll have to change my tag to   " Crash Nuts" or maybe Crushed Nuts