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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

05 Dec, 2008 - Smithtown... still. U.S.A by Ruby

Noel and I have had a bit of a ride around the area today.  We rode down to "Hicks ville" ... yep, there really is such a place, just another town. Nothing really Hickey about it at all. Nice being back on the bike, tho we wern't really dressed for it, and my knees were frozen by the time we stopped for coffee. Got back to the garage bout 4pm, but Ric was still working on Ems bike, having found a bit more work on it than first thought, so we will drop ours off tomorrow for a  replacement of the exhaust pipe that got cramped when Em went up Noels arse. Its funny really, just last week we saw two cars do the same thing! Which reminds me, remember I said eons ago,  its a wonder that someone doesn't have a crash while driving watching us, ( our bikes ) instead of the road? Well it happened, a while back now, but it was like watching in slow motion this guy watching us, went into the back of a ladies car... obviously not too hard, cause no one else got caught in it... and a few moments later the guy went flying past us. OK... just for fun, Spot the differences

and here we are at the Frankfurt Airport .... with beautiful blue skies all the way to J.F.K air port