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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

06 Dec, 2008 - East Brunswick, New Jersey.. U.S.A by Ruby

OK, we finally left Long Island Victory ( Rockos shop ) Smith town, late afternoon, not before meeting some of the locals, Tony and Richard,who are victory riders. And even a 'dad' who brought his two little cuties round to the workshop to meet us. Cheers for that.... helped chew up the hours, While Rich, the bike doctor  went to work and put in heaps of hours making our bikes like brand new. Our hats off to you, Rich for a great job!

The pieces Rich had to replace on Ems bike.....  And the man himself working on ours ( too busy for a good pic )..... and Em with Rocko the charming owner of the shop. Very dedicated man... just out of hospital.


sooo this is the way you think we should go,....    and this is where we've been!!!   and the little girls, Rebecca and Julieann


Help!!!!! Noel hit the up button, just lucky Bren and Em were there to help hold the bike up... and they are off. Great to meet you all, and thanks once again Rocko and Rich for your time, and expertise