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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

09 Dec, 2008 - Friendships by Emil

Well after we arrived back in the USA again the emails started to flow in from people who have been following our site and interested in what we are up too

One of these couples invited us to pay them a visit when passing through Delaware  which we did and ended up staying and sharing an evening meal with them

Many thanks Gene and Donna the hospitality was superb and if all people were like you the world would certainly be a happier place That bar and juke box will last in our memories for a long time Just look after Puppy Dog  Give him a pat for us      

Its just amazing how many genuine people we have meet on our travels Bikers or not People who have shown friendship and generosity  out of the blue we didn't expect it but it certainly will be remembered

Cheers  from   Us  BUMS