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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

05 Mar, 2008 - Day 2 by Emil

Well the bikes, these 2 new  VISION VICTORIES  are under our control now????. All paper work was done and insurance sorted out by Don@Scuderia.com  Helpful beyond the call of duty, so if you are looking for a bike and service ,he's your man. Already we have done over 100 miles and tomorrow we return them to Scuderia West Motorcycles  for their first service. For a large bike they handle well and feel quite light when travelling along the freeway, around the city they may not be ideal , but  they were not brought for that. What we have found fascinating, is that where ever we go people are in awe of these VISIONS. Pulling their cars to the side of the road, to pass comment and stopping us in the street too standing there just to admire them. I must admit they look impressive  side by side one black and one silver, of course what other colour could we choose.  

Sight seeing tomorrow around San Francisco while the VISIONS are being attended too, we will visit a few must see places, a museum  or two, cable car and down to the water front. The weather is great at present,18 degrees plus, its warm and with our heavy apparel on are tending to sweat a bit. In fact its like a sauna, so we are taking on-board a lot of liquids, Frank is seeing to that.          

So after tomorrow we will start heading north up along highway 1, the coastal road running up towards SEATTLE, aiming to be up there by the 8th depending on the weather and the sights . Going north we know that its going to get cooler and Grumpy is already asking questions about doing the ROCKIES, the girls are holding their breaths, for they are enjoying these sunny days at present.  

Photos of the trip so far will appear once the computer and I come to grips with each other

Grumpy and Lips are still quenching their thirst at the dinner table with Frank so please excuse me while I and Blondie do the same

Bye we think of you all