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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

09 Dec, 2008 - Smyma Delaware, to Williamsburg Virginia by Ruby

The night before we left for Donna and Genes home, there was this little dusting of snow... didn't settle tho.


it was a very cold ride down, to meet up with Gene and Donna, and their old dog "Puppy" but as Em said, we had a really lovely time swapping yarns. We decided to watch the game tho it was way below freezing point.... just lucky we did it from the comfort of Genes den!


Their house lit up for Christmas... The lighting displays over here, are amazing!!!  then the day we left Gene and Donna, we got talking to a county ranger, I think they are called. And he had been at the same game. They all seem to have two guns on over here, one tazer, and an ordinary one.


this is the bridges, and tunnels we had to drive over and thru.... which in all I think are 13 MILES long. Over Chesapeake Bay, on our way to Williamsburg. A very beautiful part of the country