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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

11 Dec, 2008 - Kill Devil Hills.... to Ocracoke, North Carolina by Ruby

Its been a few easy days here at Kill Devil Hills, then on to Ocracoke, bout 62 miles south via the ferry. We were actually going to wait out some broad casted bad weather... but it really didn't eventuate, and theres only so much you can do in a beach holiday place with the onset of winter! so packed our bags and headed off.

I wandered back down to the beach, after Noel and I had seen a huge pod of dolphins swimming along the waves... ( I didn't have the camera ) and here is a "practice " happy Christmas pic. If the old boys learned to smile in unison, we wouldn't have to practice!! Where we stayed, had a lovely lounge with all the decorations and hot apple cider on tap!! We all went to the Wright Brothers museum, history of flight. , and Em took heaps of shots. The ride down, altho mostly straight roads and dunes, were an interesting change.


we are in sand, not snow... and sweating like the proverbial!! the humidity is way high, and the salt laden air has made us, and all the gear real sticky, like we're wet but not.


this is the tallest lighthouse in the States, and this white one, is the oldest... heres the old guys waitin for the ferry to go to Ocracoke, where the lighthouses are.


Dolls houses, the whole spit is covered in them, Noel hates the architecture.. and I just want to rip them open and dress them up!! sooo cute.. wild turtles, how cool is that!!? and ohh to be a bird.... a flock of them followed us over on the ferry