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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

13 Dec, 2008 - Hickory, North Carolina by Ruby

Well it has been real quiet these last couple of days.... rode 300 miles on the interstate today....... saw three accidents, ( no one looked dead ) two dead deer, and not much else. Cold, sunny day

we have decided to head on back to Nashville, and 'do' Memphis this side of catching the plane for Atlanta and Claire's wedding and Christmas ....

last pic on the Ferry, we thought there were gonna be storms, but they blew out. Check this out.. who's towing who!!... only in America...and before we left France, back in Sept when Bren and Em went to England, Noel and I rode over the Millau Viaduct. The tallest bridge in the world. ( I am hopping back a few months ) cause this was never written about.... and I need to fill the page with something!!!


an amazing structure, the pic on the right is actually a photo off the wall while the bridge was still under construction


check out the brilliant day for the trip thru the Pyrenees way back in Sept.. the roads were magnificent to ride on... and the views, breathtaking!!! the first snow we ever saw on our trip