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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

18 Dec, 2008 - Nashville, Memphis, to Jasper Alabama by Ruby

Well, like Em says, its been bloody cold, which is why we stayed in Nashville three nights instead of two.... which was great for me n, Noel, heaps of music, we caught up with a couple of the bands we had listened to six months ago. Sooo good.The talent here.. is amazing! then on down to Memphis and the most frenetic band we have ever seen. If you have seen Walk the line, the movie that portrayed Johnny Cashes life, you may recall  The Dempsey Band, well thats who we had the pleasure of listening to last night in Memphis!!! Brilliant! and I met a lovely lady who is having her 38th birthday on Sunday.. so happy birthday Debbie, just another friendly person we have spent time with here in the States. Beggars are every where on this planet.. even in Memphis, cept they have a different approach, they get you into normal everyday conversation bout the weather etc... then try and hit you up for a couple of dollars! I've gotten pretty hard on this trip. But saying no, never gets easier, no matter how many times you say it.

 the foggy weather we came down to Jasper Alabama in. A working  town that we hit at the end of the day. ... and the old guys outside Gracelands.... best pic I could get of Elvi's mansion without going in.


the bikes in front of the new Memphis bridge... and a sculpture beside the Mississippi river, depicting a man saving another... couldn't get the writing while riding by. ... and yet another Christmas tree


in front of the little home that Elvis was born and grew up in... at Tupelo. There is also a chapel, and heaps of information depicted of his life.. and here is a sculpture of Elvis at age 13yrs.