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24 Dec, 2008 - MEERY CHRISTMAS by Emil

Hello and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our family and Friends
  Well here we are in Los Vegas , not a white Christmas but very close to it , even though we are surrounded by desert ,there is snow around on the mountains and at times very cold in the evenings . It is sad that we are not around family to share this time of year but when we left way back in March we knew that this was one of the downsides of a year travels .  At least we had the time with Kimberley and our English grand-children before we left Europe and we hear that our two Kiwi grandsons are doing well at school,

With 2 months left on our travels we are now starting to look forward to the end , this could be because of the time of year .Brenda seems to miss this family time

So once again to everyone that we know and have  made contact with through our trip a              VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS  and  A HAPPY NEW YEAR