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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Dec, 2008 - Claire and Troys wedding, Las Vegas by Ruby

We had such a happy day... www.thelittlewhitechapel  is where you can see the video of Mr and Mrs Newtons wedding... it was sooo cool having "Elvis" sing to Claire and Troy while the African American justice of the peace read them their wedding vows. I will put more pics in the gallery later. These are just a taste of the day. We met Troys parents Sheryl and Dave for the first time... and had a great couple of days getting to know them. The kids rode in a convertible to the wedding, while the rest of us piled into a huge limousine. Dinner at the Stratosphere was out of this world. We did the six course degestation ? ? menu... absolutely perfect, food to die for.. so the saying goes. Vegas is huger than life.. and The Bellagio where we are staying is full on 24hrs!!! we will need a break when we finally leave tomorrow. Back to Atlanta to continue our journey. It was really cool for me and Noel to see the kids, Claire Troy, Arron and Amy and Naomi our grand daughter kept everyone amused with her cheery self.

bride and father... the fountain in day and night, it was amazing, they had different sequences for the water display.. Claire with brother Arron, and his wife Amy and 15month old Naomi.


butter at the resturant.... Mrs Newton soaking it all in.... exchanging rings at the drive thru wedding, yep, it really was a Drive Thru wedding... cool


our friends Bren and Em, chatting to our new rallies Sheryl and Dave... and baby makes three... the ceiling in the Bellagio has hundreds of hugest plate size hand crafted glass flowers


getting ready to hit the road.... Elvis doing his thing.... and The Justice of the Peace doing his


most of the wedding party, off for drinkies... table at the resturant... and the happy couple.. so I hope this has given you a wee glimpse of our happy day.