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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

30 Dec, 2008 - Victory Riders Florida by Emil

Well  guess what ???  The sun is shinning  and all day long too  The temperature is now up in the mid 70s F  Don't know for how long but its nice to be able to ride without being wrapped up in our bumble bee suits

We are just south of Daytona Beach  in a place called New Smyrna Beach   population   22000 so not large, but still very busy   We are here on the invitation of a group of  the local  VICTORY  MOTORCYCLE CLUB called Hurricane Alley Chapter 13  

We meet up at Andy's shop  VOLUSIA  Motorsports   the local    VICTORY  dealer    who  then  gave us a t-shirt each , a memento of our visit.  then introductions went around the dozen or so who had taken time out to come and meet these crazy Kiwis   After awhile we all sort of  moseyed on down to the local watering hole  to taste the brew and chew on a steak or two  where they treated us to an evening Pow Wow   and chin wag 


They were made up of some very interesting and colourful characters from all walks of Life  ,some  navy , police ,dentist a graphic designer just to mention a few   Even a Card Shark called   COOLHAND LUKE