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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

11 Mar, 2008 - In Seattle by Emil

Hi Folks  Here we are in Seattle, now having a little rest before we head of to Canada

The weather has been great although the last few nights we have had rain. The Victories are under lock and key while we explore the sites around this city. These bikes are really proving to be a fantastic machines.  Along the freeway, cruising is effortless, just the howl and throb of the V-Twin  oh so different than the Goldwing, in fact it has trulely won me over.

The only problem I have encounted was passing these big rigs,  the turbulance is areal bufferting you could say doing a round with Mike Tyson, Grumpies solution, pass as quick as you can.When you are doing 75 mph already thats speed is up there .      

So far we  have checked out the local markets and also a few bars. The girls are only window shopping, thank god, of course our major concern is over loading the bike. Yea Right . Once they can figure they can post stuff home, we will be in real trouble. Tomorrow we are off to the BOEING Factory. From the freeway it seems a huge place, unfortuneatly there are no cameras allowed  but maybe a postcard or two

Cheers for now  

We have had issues with our computer so please bare with us until we can hook up  with wireless. Down load pictures etc , maybe by the end of the week