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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

31 Dec, 2008 - New Years in Cocoa Beach Florida by Ruby

After a great night with the guys and Maria, we headed on down to the Kennedy Space Centre where we had an awesome time being tourists!!! But on the way,  we saw our first alligators!! it was incredible, there they were, just Like Shirley said, laying on the mud sunning themselves...I got Noel to turn around on the highway and stop so I could get a good pic of this mother... at least 8 ft long!! the other cars wernt too impressed with us stopping, but hey... our first Alligator?? have to say, the centre took second place on my mind for a while

there were heaps of them,.... and this Armadillo is bout the size of a football, his head with perky ears is facing us...  NASA building Massive!!


passed this guy on the way down.. he had trainer wheels on his Scooter!!! so funny... First view of the Centre, so good we are going back today to finish it... Which is NEW YEARS!!! so happy and best wishes for 2009 everybody!!! XXXX


there is soo much to take in, if you are interested, you really need to google it, cause I cant remember all the stats on everything... the whole place is just so huge. Check out the name of our Motel... Fawlty Towers!! some of the characters at the bar really seemed at home!! we found another bar later on for good food and reasonable live music... hey, who's complaining... it was free at least. So now I gotta close, the rest are waiting to go back to the Centre, see you later